Hello and welcome to The Petrified Muse Photography!

My name is Peter. I am a Berliner, a classicist, and a scatterbrain. I maintain a professional blog at thepetrifiedmuse.blog on which I write about everything ancient or Latin whenever I feel like it. Have a look if you like.

As a teenager, I loved analogue photography, and I was fortunate enough to attend a school that still had a darkroom for black and white photo prints. When ‘digital’ became a thing, I forgot all about it.

I am not a teenager anymore. Digital photography is still a thing (and, don’t get me wrong, I don’t object to it at all – but it’s not made for me: that does not mean that I don’t appreciate the great art of those who know how to use it).

In recent years, I have rediscovered my love for analogue photography. I mostly rely on my small, but fine selection of Soviet rangefinder cameras (35 mill and medium format), and I home-develop.

Rediscovering analogue photography has transformed my life. It gets me to go out. It gets me away from the computer screen. It gets me to look at the world, and everything and everyone in it.

My cameras, I decided early on, do not hate or look down at people. They don’t judge, they accept. My cameras, and the film in them, help me to capture the world I see, with all its oddities and idiosyncrasies, in all its beauty and squalor, its randomness, its harmonies, and its imperfections. Using analogue cameras and film gives me an opportunity to discover the unexpected in everything.

I have no commercial interests, and this webpage is purely a means for artistic expression – an online photo gallery. If you find yourself on one of my photos and object to its publication, please do let me know, and I will take it down.

Please respect the copyright: all photos made available on this page are mine, for you to enjoy. They are not available for reuse, commercially or otherwise, without my explicit, written permission. Any use must be duly acknowledged.

If you would like to know more, or would like to get in touch with me for other reasons, please contact me using this form: